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21st May 2021 (Friday)

Program of the Conference

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Conference presentations

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Shared mobility services and the public space: The case of mobility hubs in Kraków, Poland
Daniel Štraub, Paweł Pistelok
Analysis of aerodynamic phenomena in the center of Warsaw near Złota 44 building in the context of air pollution and the safety of unmanned aerial vehicle
Agnieszka Chudzińska, Marta Poćwierz, Maciej Pisula
Modelling intuitive design processes in architecture
Agnieszka Rumież
An example of „Monopolis” as a revitalization for art and culture
Roman Dziedziejko
Social competencies in architecture academic programmes and professional practice
Katarzyna Sentycz, Zuzanna Bogucka
Protecting the heritage of historic hospitals – reusing and retrofitting in the planning of sustainable architecture of a city
Katarzyna Dankiewicz
Circular Economy in the public areas of the European cities
Sandra Przepiórkowska
Mycelium-based materials in architecture. A critical review
Aleksandra Śliwa, Jakub Świdziński, Sandra Przepiórkowska
Energy-saving oriented approach to urban composition – a comparative analysis of different building layouts
Wojciech Skórzewski
The end of commuting? Future of office space and office buildings in the post-covid world
Marcin Goncikowski
Temporary architecture in the 21st century as an expression of changes taking place in contemporary society
Agnieszka Mańkowska, Artur Zaguła
Modernist projects of community-based urban farms in residential areas – a review of agrarian cooperatives in the context of contemporary urban development
Aleksandra Nowysz, Elżbieta Trocka-Leszczyńska
Potential of the green assessment tools in integration of health and sustainability in the design on the background of Polish architectural practice
Paweł Horn
The Interplay of Architecture, Urbanism ond Video Games – Games as a Research and Speculative Tool
Borys Siewczyński, Jan Szot, Katarzyna Słuchocka
The interplay of Architecture, Urbanism and Video Games – Games as a Research and Speculative Tool
Borys Siewczyński, Katarzyna Słuchocka, Jan Szot
Analytical aspects of BIM models in architectural training
Jan Szot, Borys Siewczyński
Sustainable Built Environment Criteria – Evaluating System Developed for Architectural Prize of the Mayor of Warsaw
Justyna Biernacka, Jerzy Kwiatkowski, Anna Tofiluk, Kinga Zinowiec-Cieplik
Pandemic Resilient Cities: the possibility of Polish cities regeneration in the age of COVID -19
Anna Majewska, Małgorzata Denis, Ewa Jarecka-Bidzińska, Joanna Jaroszewicz, Wioleta Krupowicz
How to teach about space
Radosław Barek
The mural as an illusionist complement to the city space
Radosław Barek
Architectural education in the 21st century – on the example of the educational role of the granary designed by Walter Gropius
Radosław Barek, Joanna Bogajewska- Danek
Architectural transgression by example of temporary architecture of scout camps
Joanna Bogajewska-Danek
The qualities of the housing architecture of the future
Agata Pięt
Design priorities on the example of the modernization of the Abram Gurewicz Guest House in Otwock
Tomasz Trzupek
Centrality index revealing the central and hidden places in Masovian Voivodeship
Ewelina Szczech-Pietkiewicz, Mariusz-Jan Radło, Artur F. Tomeczek
Center for Universal Design
Hanna Malik-Trocha
Equal footing in designing process – on common ground for social research and architecture
Anna Gańko, Mikołaj Łątkowski
Modelling of timber structures in the context of architectural and structural collaboration
Mariusz Wrona
A century old modern material: concrete and the power of context
Agnieszka Szypulska
(The most) common mistake when teaching architectural drawing
Joanna Pętkowska-Hankel
The Warsaw Uprising Mound: from the „dump” of rubble to the memorial park [Kopiec Powstania Warszawskiego: od “zwałki” gruzu do parku pamięci]
Justyna Dziedziejko, Maciej Kaufman
Consequences of rapid urbanization of suburban areas and selected ways of their reduction
Joanna Kołata, Piotr Zierke
Modern townhouse and its role in the city structure
Karolina Tulkowska-Słyk
Interaction of wood and children
Jakub Hanták, Danica Končeková
The power of architectural education! How to find a place for architecture in the state education system?
Anna Cudny
Self-organization of local communities – a model scheme of development based on case studies from the uk, germany and poland
Zuzanna Kasperczyk
Protection of historic facades made of gray cement brick in the revitalization process of selected post-industrial areas of Praga in Warsaw
Konrad Szumiński
Urban agriculture in the city landscape – farms as an element of the functional hybrid urban unit
Magdalena Grochulska-Salak, Aleksandra Nowysz, Kinga Rybak-Niedziółko
Facade graphics, articulation and message – impact on the urban environment
Alina Lipowicz-Budzyńska
New forms of shared dwelling as a response to housing needs in Poland
Agnieszka Lewandowska, Maciej Kowalczyk
The noise limitation – guidelines for urban design
Joanna Jabłońska, Roman Czajka
Architecture as a human right?
Weronika Krauze
The relationships between occupants’ well-being and architectural solutions in the green office buildings
Paweł Kirshke, Magdalena Grzegorzewska
Adaptive reuse of former industrial areas – new cultural facilities
Michał Pieczka
Understanding a context of a place: on-line and face-to-face teaching practices
Lea Kazanecka Olejnik, Aleksandra Kozaczek
Role of a user in active transformation of public spaces in Europe
Lea Kazanecka Olejnik
Temporary pop-up structures as pins in urban fabric acupuncture
Jerzy Łątka, Romuald Tarczewski
TECH 04 – Transportable Emergency Cardboard House gen. 4 th. Research and development of the cardboard emergency shelter
Jerzy Łątka, Agata Jasiołek
New solutions for shaping public spaces at the Faculty of Architecture, Warsaw University of Technology, the Chair of Urban Design and Rural Landscape
Katarzyna Pluta
Participative design process of adapting under-spaces of elevated transport conduits in European cities. Comperative case stusy of public space project of areas located under modernised cross-city railway line in the area of Krakow’s city centre against the background of other European projects
Elżbieta Komarzyńska-Świeściak
A brickless house. A review of FDM-based construction 3D Printing
Bolesław Telesiński
A Few Remarks on the Concept of Authenticity Value in the 21st Century
Marta Rudnicka-Bogusz
Designing of passive builidings – analysis of examples residential builidng
Łukasz Mazur
A small housing estate (residential complex) – place of needs to life
Marcin Michalski
The dynamics of light and shadow of modular building facades
Patrycja Kamińska, Hanna Michalak, Piotr Ratajkiewicz
Boutique hotels – tourism of new experiences
Joanna Gronostajska
Shaping public space adapted to the needs of residents by co-creation method
Anna Miśniakiewicz
Influence of artificial wastes on mortars based on ordinary Portland cement
and metakaolin binder

Agnieszka Kocot
Parametric design for the support of energy-saving architecture
A/V factor optimization

Marcin Giedrowicz

Construction Record – Olympic Swimming Pool in Tokyo

A screening of a film about the construction of the pool hall for the 1964 Summer Olympic
Games in Tokyo. This unique movie was recorded on 16 mm film in 1964. It was found a few
years ago in the archives of the University of Tokyo.

video will be available as soon as the conference starts!