The ACPS 2021 International Scientific Conference is dedicated to the interdisciplinary community in order to start a dialogue on the directions of shaping 21st century architecture.

Topics were based on the four domains: Architecture, City, People, Structure.


  • Architecture of tomorrow – directions of shaping 21st century architectural objects in terms of pro-ecological and sustainable development
  • Universal Design as an integral direction of shaping contemporary architecture
  • Architecture transgression – metaphorical and engineering crossing of architectural boundaries
  • Innovation in architecture – temporary architecture, mobile structures in the city of the future, pop-up architecture
  • Living skin of the city – responsive architecture, kinetic architecture, interactive facades
  • Parametric architecture as a contemporary tool for crossing the engineering boundaries
  • Designing architectural structures in places threatened by natural disasters and armed conflicts – pro-humanitarian architecture
  • Archltectural educatlon In Poland and abroad – archltects educatlon systems, teachlng archltecture In generał edu­cation


  • Great ideas for shaping the cities of the future – megastructures in urban planning at the turn of the 20th / 21st centuries
  • Energy-efficient cities and autonomous cities
  • Virtual reality and the cities of tomorrow – digital city
  • Living cities – the use of biomimetic and bionic solutions in shaping cities
  • Application of Universal Design as an attempt to eliminate barriers in the 21st century city
  • Natural, ecological, social and environmental revitalization of 21st century cities
  • Directions of shaping contemporary urban planning – real problems and solutions
  • Adaptation of cities to the requirements during an epidemic threat
  • Functional hybrids – multifunctional architecture
  • Art in urban space – art installations in urban space


  • Sociological and philosophical aspect of cities in the 21st century – the place of man in the space of cities
  • Social participation and the actual design of architectural objects of the 21st century
  • Contemporary problems of single-family and multi-family housing based on pro-ecological and sustainable development assumptions
  • The housing architecture of tomorrow
  • Cohousing as a response to contemporary needs of multi-family architecture


  • Modern materials in architecture
  • Reusing and recycling in shaping 21st century architecture
  • Low-tech and High-tech in 21st century architecture
  • Wooden structures in contemporary architecture
  • Modern constructions systems in shaping architectural objects